Our work goes beyond trademark applications. Broad monitoring is constantly carried out, in order to prevent third parties from registering similar or identical trademarks to those of our clients.


We have a team of specialist engineers to draw up patents, ensuring total security and secrecy for our clients.


The evaluation of a trademark represents essentially quantifying the clients’ perception of the attributes of their trademark, and translating this into economic value.


Registration of literary and musical works, musical scores, illustrations, logos, advertising material and others.


Registration of Software in Brazil and the United States, protection for Applications, Systems and websites in over 70 signatory countries of TRIPs.


Registration of Internet domains anywhere in the world, including over 2,000 new extensions created by ICAAN.



Exclusive tools for VILAGE clients, who can consult their trademarks and patents processes at any time. Learn more…


International Services

VILAGE’s offices in Miami (US) and Beijing (China), with our own team abroad, increase efficiency and commitment in the monitoring of trademarks and patents for our clients in every country around the globe. Learn more…


PCT Request

The PCT is a multilateral treaty that allows patent protection to be requested for an invention, simultaneously, in a large number of countries, through the filing of a single international patent application. Learn more…

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Quality Certification

VILAGE Marcas e Patentes is certified by the BSI Brasil regarding the requirements for the operation of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. Learn more…

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Last News


INPI publica Resolução sobre Cotitularidade de Marcas

Considerando a recente adesão do Brasil ao Protocolo de Madri,  o INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) publicou nesta terça-feira (03/09) a Resolução nº 245/2019 sobre Cotitularidade de Marcas. Esta

Apoio Cultural

Instituto Recomeçar em Amor

Desde sua fundação, faz parte da cultura da VILAGE Marcas e Patentes ajudar instituições que necessitam de doações. Há muitos projetos sociais que realizam lindas

Cooperativa Vinícola Nova Aliança

It is a pleasure for Cooperativa Vinícola Nova Aliança to have Vilage Patents & Trademarks as a partner; we realize that, in this field, there are dishonest and unqualified companies, and we found in Vilage office the seriousness and commitment we need, besides the promptitude and good service we deserve. We are sure to have our marks protected always with professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness of the team Vilage.

We’ve known Vilage forever and we recommend it. Dignity, promptitude, reliability, honesty, safety are a few adjectives we attribute to our partnership, due to the time we’ve been together – as client and supplier, something that allows us to achieve our goals in their area of operation.

Assoc. Coml. e Indl. de Atibaia

ACIA will complete on this year of 2009, six decades of life. In that great path, it was necessary to make transparent and solid partnerships that privileged mainly the reason of we exist: Our associates. With that very clear as mission in our minds, it is really a great privilege to have Vilage Patents & Trademarks as PARTNER during those nine years of coexistence, learning and respect. And more than ... leia mais.

Brasil Terminal Portuário

We chose to work with Vilage through indications we had from the quality of its work. This information was confirmed at the extent we, from the beginning of our activities in 2007, we have been provided with readiness and rapidity, competently providing the services for brand and logo registration, having in mind that it deals with an important activity, demanding a technical specialty that Vilage has shown to have, which ... leia mais.

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