Trademark Evaluation

Why should I request the valuation of my trademark?

1. To have the knowledge if your company is producing wealth or not, or if your trademark is generating wealth for your company or not (this means to know how much strength or weakness your trademark is responsible for). This information gathers financial value to the company´s balance and is indispensable for the strategic management in order to identify corrective measures or consolidate the strong points of the trademark and continue to invest for its success.

2. The value of a trademark can be added to the net equity of the company if it has a registry at INPI (accounted as intellectual property and its amortizations). Do you know that financing that requires a financial statement greater than the one you have? If your trademark produces a positive value for your company, you can add this value as an asset and account this value.

3. To be used as guarantees in bank financing (every intellectual property dully acknowledged, or registered, is considered an asset that can be disposed in credit operations).

4. To be used as an additional economic value in a M&A process (in cases of sales, licensing, through franchises or representations, mergers and acquisitions of companies, the valuation of trademarks calculates the current market value of these assets for the greater economic gain possible for its holder).

What is Trademark, Patent or Intellectual Property Valuation?

It is the process to evaluate the financial or accounting value of the trademark.

The financial valuation establishes the economic value that an asset generates currently and, in the future, and the accounting valuation evaluates the property generated by this asset during the financial past of a company.

From the amendments established by Law 11.638 of 2007, the Intangible Asset was classified in the subgroup of non-current asset, however, only if the following demands are met:

  • The safe measurement of the value of the intangible asset;
  • The benefits generated by this asset in favor of the entity must be proved;
  • The intangible asset can be identifiable and detachable from the company´s property (to be tradable).

The valuation of trademarks made by VILAGE contemplates companies of any type of segment, economic size in the national or international scenarios.

How does VILAGE calculate my trademark?

The technical team of VILAGE uses a methodology based on the economic profile of the company and its generation of wealth, therefore, according to the economic scenario, market and financial result, we define the best formula to calculate the final value of the intangible asset.

The Valuation Report follows the national and international rules set by BCB, CPC, IFRS, NBR-14653-4, in addition to the international quality standard in valuation of intangible assets, in accordance with ISO 10668.

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