VILAGE is the first Brazilian member company of INTA (International Trademark Association) to obtain ISO 9001 certification for all its services, including international services, with seals from UKAS (recognized in Europe) and ANAB (recognized in the United States). The company provides its clients with services of research, registration and monitoring of trademarks and patents in all other countries, ensuring the same quality and efficiency shown in the services provided in Brazil.

VILAGE’s offices in Miami (US) and Beijing (China), with our own team overseas, increase efficiency and commitment in the monitoring of trademarks and patents for our clients in every country around the globe.


Global Monitoring of Trademarks

Nowadays, in a globalized world, one of the most important factors in the marketplace is knowledge and access to information and products on a global level. Thus, trademarks used in their countries of origin may be subject to undue use by companies from anywhere in the world.

With the aim of extending the protection of rights acquired by a trademark in Brazil, Vilage offers the service of Global Monitoring of Trademarks.

Through this service, your trademark will be registered and monitored in over 150 countries. The monitoring also includes international trademarks and those filed in the European Union.

It is not necessary to have a trademark application and/or registration to acquire this service and, for those that already possess trademarks abroad, this monitoring complements the conflict work provided by the countries where the application/registration exists. It provides an extra level of security, in order that third parties do not exploit its notoriety unduly, anywhere in the world.

This is VILAGE, working ceaselessly to provide greater security and ensure that our clients’ rights are preserved around the world.

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