Internet Domain Registration

Domain is the “friendly address” of a website, it is the brand that will be advertised so people can easily remember your business and thus access your site.

The registrations of domain names in Brazil are carried out by Registro.BR [Registry.BR], an organ linked to the – Internet Steering Committee in Brazil. Each country has its own registry structure and all registered names are coordinated worldwide by ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

By convention and international agreement, each country has a First Level domain (called ccTDL) linked to the international acronym for the name of the country, assigned to it by ICANN. In Brazil, this extension is the .br; it is for this reason that all domains registered in Brazil have the .br termination.

The also created categories of domains to facilitate the identification as to what belongs that domain. In this way, the extensions extensions for commerce and companies, for networks, for nonprofits, for domains of government, for domains of the courts and judicial bodies, for official military organizations, and so on were created.

Each extension has a specific rule for registration; for example, only governmental entities may request the registration of a domain (such as that belongs to the Federal Ministry of Finance), ensuring that sites with the extension always belong to an official government body. There are now more than 130 categories of domains in Brazil.

In the same way, some generic international categories were created, not associated with any country, for example .com domains, which are considered international, as well as .net and .org extensions (called the gTLDgeneric Top-Level Domains).

ICANN has initiated a massive creation of new international categories of extensions (called New gTLDs), and since October 2013 to date more than 1,300 categories of registrable domains have been created, , .tech, .global, .live, .show, .space, exponentially increasing domain registration options far beyond the gTLDs and ccTLDs (country codes Top-Level Domains – top-level domains for country codes ), such as .br, but also domains such as .uk (from United Kingdon), .cl (from Chile), .pt (from Portugal), .eu (from the European Union), .cn (from Chine), .tv (from Tuvalu) and so on. Virtually all ccTLDs have two letters that follow the international acronym of the name of the country it represents.

As you can see, a domain name registration is a broad, worldwide process that requires a lot of attention from a company, especially for protecting its brand on the internet. The registration of the trademark (eg VILAGE) as a national domain ( is ofter not enough, indeed it is necessary to protect it also in other national extensions (,, and and generic international (,, and, as well as to protect it in focus countries of your business (,,,,, and

VILAGE was structured not only to inform customers about domain issues, but mainly to protect their rights nationally and internationally, providing support and extensive protection for their brand on the Internet.

Do you need to research, register and protect your trademark on the Internet?

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