We work with Vilage Marcas e Patentes, and we can prove that efficiency and professionalism is its trademark, with a customized and fast assistance. We are certain our assets are in good hands.


SESCON-RS seeks to form alliances with companies that possess credibility and, in the case of trademarks and patents, the word credibility is an essential condition for longevity in business. For this reason, SESCON-RS entrusted VILAGE with the registration of major projects, such as Effective Public Management, in addition to its new trademark.

Academia Mentes Audazes

The Academia Mentes Audazes (Audacious Minds Academy) was born out a dream to innovate in education, promoting knowledge and empowerment, regarding competences and abilities, in order to transform people and organizations. With this audacious dream, we felt the need to protect the most important asset related to the birth of our ground-breaking project: our name and our trademark. And for this to occur we did not hesitate to contact VILAGE Marcas e Patentes - a company with over 20 years’ of experience, committed to the success of its clients and possessing professionals who exceed expectations. We make special mention of the employee who worked with us, Fernanda Rauter, who was always proactive and available to provide guidance that produced results.


I wish to congratulate the team at VILAGE Marcas e Patentes for the excellent service provided in the process of registering the trademark Allge Consultoria Logística. The attention given to the clarification of doubts regarding the importance of registering trademarks, the information concerning the progress of the procedure with the government agencies, and ease of payment are differentiating factors that merit mention and praise. For this reason I would recommend the services of VILAGE Marcas e Patentes to all those who need or wish to carry out the registration of trademarks, logos or patents.

Dedini S/A

VILAGE is a company that has provided us with high quality services in the field of industrial property and which possesses a team of specialist professionals always ready to meet our needs. The quality of these services has undoubtedly contributed to the productivity and competitiveness of our company. Dedini S/A Indústrias de Base wishes to briefly but fulsomely express its thanks. Congratulations to everyone at VILAGE!

Agência Gema

I have enjoyed the outstanding service of VILAGE. Their attention and dedication encompasses everything from researching the availability of the trademark to sending the application to the BPO. They are dedicated people who work hard to ensure comfort and security in the services provided. They are always ready and available to help and understand my requests. I have confidence in VILAGE’s commitment to my trademark and would be happy to recommend them to other clients.

Reparol Acessórios Industriais

We were assisted by another firm in this matter and unfortunately realized that there was a lack of monitoring of the trademark, which led to our discovering the work of VILAGE. They demonstrated a great capacity for responding to occurrences, swiftly and with clarity in their provision of information. To our grateful surprise, the commercial conditions offered were equally advantageous, which led us to bring forward the signing of a contract making them permanently responsible for our trademark on the conclusion of the contract in force at the time. I would also highlight the ease of monitoring of our procedure through the website infoVILAGE, where we have direct access to the status of the procedures, and options regarding registration, financial matters and other channels of communication including with the Ombudsman. Finally, I can attest to the quality of the services provided for any company needing a serious and competent partner in the management of their trademark.