Gota Dourada

We’ve established a partnership with Vilage, which extends on for years and the secret to so many years together is the honesty and professionalism Vilage puts on its work. Our business segment requires experienced and prepared partners, and in this scope, Vilage has always performed successfully the work we trust VILAGE to do. VILAGE has been a serious company concerned about the updates the market demands, and this posture provides us at GOTA DOURADA the safety and serenity we look for. We also wish to stress the most important quality we have found at VILAGE, the ethical and honest conduct of its collaborators, always ready to assist us. Due to all these attributes, we can confirm for sure VILAGE is a part of our business success.

Associação Comercial e Industrial de São José dos Campos

ACI - Associação Comercial e Industrial de São José dos Campos (São José dos Campos Commercial and Industrial Association) believes that Vilage is always the best option when it comes to trademarks and patents, because we know about the seriousness and promptitude of its services.

Confederação das Associações Comerciais e Empresariais do Brasil

One important mission of Commercial Association together with its 2,500,000 associates all over the country and the business community is to advise this huge productive universe. And VILAGE has been partners with most of them performing an effective and productive work. Therefore, PROGERECS – Programa de Geração de Receitas e Serviços (Program to Generate Revenue and Services) from CACB - Confederação das Associações Comerciais e Empresariais do Brasil (Confederation of Business and Trade Associations of Brazil) – became partners with this important company aiming to bring the TRADEMARKS AND PATENTS services to all 2.300 municipalities where our entities are present.


FGV entrusts their Patents and Trademarks services to Vilage due to the quality of their services, resulting from the agility in the service, mastery of the procedures and success in the recommendations made by them, being their collaborators readiness a referencial in the market.

Assoc. Coml. e Indl. de Atibaia

ACIA will complete on this year of 2009, six decades of life. In that great path, it was necessary to make transparent and solid partnerships that privileged mainly the reason of we exist: Our associates. With that very clear as mission in our minds, it is really a great privilege to have Vilage Patents & Trademarks as PARTNER during those nine years of coexistence, learning and respect. And more than that, to have trust to walk together for many other decades.

Nicioli Ind e Com de Móveis

VILAGE has shown to be a very committed company to deal with issues of brands and patents with professionalism and attention worthy of the matter. We have a long term relationship and we are pleased with the service.

Brasil Terminal Portuário

We chose to work with Vilage through indications we had from the quality of its work. This information was confirmed at the extent we, from the beginning of our activities in 2007, we have been provided with readiness and rapidity, competently providing the services for brand and logo registration, having in mind that it deals with an important activity, demanding a technical specialty that Vilage has shown to have, which provides us the security needed.

União Social Camiliana

Regarding the União Social Camiliana, we inform we are fully satisfied with the partnership developed with Vilage, which has developed its work with interest and professionalism.

Barretesão Rodeo Team

We work with VILAGE due to its competence, reliability and honesty.

Ventura Biomédica

In a very competitive market, our greatest asset is the credibility our brand has and with all the technology and research developed during the creation of our products. Our partnership with Vilage leaves us completely satisfied and secure that our intellectual property rights are fully assured.