We’ve known Vilage forever and we recommend it. Dignity, promptitude, reliability, honesty, safety are a few adjectives we attribute to our partnership, due to the time we’ve been together – as client and supplier, something that allows us to achieve our goals in their area of operation.

Torrefação Premier

Vilage Marcas e Patentes has been assisting Torrefação Premier, to which regards our trademark defense, with promptitude and professionalism in every matter together with INPI, a statement we wish to make official.


Every strong name has another strong name behind it. Dermaphyto looked for this kind of safety to register its trademark. In Vilage we were able to find every support we need in order to make it happen. Therefore, we state our satisfaction in working with such transparent, secure and capable company.

Espetinhos Mimi

The partnership between Vilage Marcas e Patentes and Espetinhos Mimi, brings safety, credibility together with our customers and seriousness to one of our biggest properties, which is Mimi trademark. Lately, our main product-selling channel is through franchise stores; in this case, credibility is indispensable for the business’ success. Another reason not to let our trademark become vulnerable. That’s why we are partners with Vilage Marcas e Patentes, a company that provides us with the opportunity to focus on our main activity, while taking care of Mimi trademark.

C M R Indústria e Comércio

For almost 20 years, Vilage takes care of our most precious assets international-wise, our trademarks. And in the current context, this is a job that demands extreme competence, organization and involvement.


Since Duoflex is a company based on constant innovation of products and processes, Vilage is the ideal partner, because, in addition to accurately making all basic protection and intellectual defenses, it is always present to clarify and inform about every genre that may be useful to each stage in our company.

Pasquini & Santos

Pasquini & Santos works with Vilage due to the fact we are sure our trademarks: Act - Acostamento, Vicinal and Zil are protected, due to the team’s excellent work and pristine assistance!


Grupofarma works with Vilage Marcas e Patentes for about six years and ever since we’ve been relying on its experience, competency, excellent team of professionals assisting and advising the registration of our trademarks and we are very satisfied with the quality of the services rendered.

JP Indústria Farmacêutica

Vilage has been the most efficient service provider in the industrial property area. They are constantly assisting the needs of our company.

Agrichem do Brasil

The main reason we keep Vilage as our attorney in fact in the Intellectual Property area is because the protection assurance in this area is indispensable to give our company the exclusive right to economically explore the purpose of our creativity. Moreover, Vilage is a worthy company that provides excellent assistance every day.